Make a Payment

  • This payment will be reviewed and applied to your account on the next regular business day following the receipt of this payment.
  • Premium Notice: Your premium is due on or before the due date.  The amount billed should be paid to avoid cancellation.
  • Reminder Notice: You are approaching Cancel Status. Submit payment immediately to avoid cancellation.
  • Cancellation Notice: Payment for this policy has not been received.  Cancellation is pending due to non-payment of premium.  Policy may or may not be reinstated if payment is submitted.
  • If your policy has cancelled for non-payment of premium and your payment is being made after the cancellation date, such payment will not reinstate your coverage.
  • Louisa Mutual reserves the right to refuse to apply a payment to a cancelled policy.
  • If your payment is in cancel status, please CONTACT YOUR AGENT BEFORE SUBMITTING ANY PAYMENT.

Return / Refund Policy

  • Louisa Mutual will re-bill any balance due upon applying a partial payment.
  • Louisa Mutual will credit any overpayment to the insured’s account.

Changes / Cancellations

You must contact your agent to make any policy changes and/or cancellations.


Should you find any errors related to your billing, or have questions regarding your bill, please contact your agent at the number listed on your policy.