Liability Insurance

Since 1874 Louisa Mutual has been helping farmers and homeowners create the right insurance policies to properly cover their clients and all of their possessions. Our policies include home insurance, renters insurance, and insurance for ranches, acreages and all farm out buildings. Louisa Mutual protects you and your family for property and liability coverage!
Must be written in conjunction with a property policy.

Farm Liability

The Farm-Guard protects the members of your household from accidents or injuries occurring on your farm. The policy provides a broad range of standard coverages as well as a variety of optional coverages to customize protection to fit your farming operation.

Owners, Landlords, and Tenants Liability

The Owners, Landlords, and Tenants policy provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage for the specified location. It does not provide for personal acts that occur away from the insured premises or damage to property of others.

Personal Liability

The Personal Liability policy offers protection from accidents or injuries occurring on your property or from your personal acts.

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